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How to Get local Channels without an Antenna

How to Get local Channels without an Antenna

Many people like the idea of getting rid of cable. and using an antenna to get over the air TV. Sometimes you may not be able to get local tv signals. This may be because of the distance you are from the towers. Or perhaps your location is not ideal. If you happen to live in a rural location it may be impossible to get a signal.

There are now services that have are beginning to cater to your needs. The first one if it’s available to you is a great option and you should check it out. A service was launched called Aereo TV. They will install an antenna in their data center for you watch that is in a location that can receive a clear signal.  You can then use the feed to watch TV . You can also Record TV to watch whenever anywhere you want.  Below is a diagram of how aero tv works.




As you can see it uses a personal antenna to save your shows into a dvr in the cloud. Once you have shows there you can use it anywhere to watch tv.


There service is now in 22 markets as Feb 2014. New  markets are being added everyday.  Some big markets though like Los Angeles are not on the list. So this may not work for many people.

There are a couple of options.  If you can’t get a signal locally you can always protest your local tv stations.  It’s possible to get a waiver, but don’t count on it being an easy fight. TV stations like to defend thier turf.

If you know someone with a decent internet connection and they would willing to let you install a slingbox you would be able to get local channels this way.


The best course of action if you can’t get a servoce like aereo is to call your local cable and ask for basic cable with just the local channels. They still offer this option, but that doesn’t mean the person calling you was ever told about it. So you may have to call a few people before they offer a plan for less than $20. Even then it may only be standard tv and not include any hdtv.  Dish and direct  also used to offer may offer a local channels only option in many markets .

The reality is Areo and other services like it are truly your best option if you can not get a signal from a tv antenna. Watch out and stay away from dyle Tv those services are a second class way of getting tv to you mobile device. For instance all the NFL games are blocked on that service. Your better off buying a portable tv then that.

I personally think that if you can’t get reception with an antenna and Aero TV doesn’t work I would probably opt for the lowest plan from direct tv or dishnetwork and go from there for local channels if that is something you must have.  Of course you could just drop local tv altogether and use Hulu, Netflix and Amazon for you video needs.

If you are inclined to drop the local channels you can always watch many of the news clips and live events via their websites. The only thing you would miss is live sporting events. But there is an upside to this since most sportbars will offer the game up on a nice big screen.


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